New Tool Online!

Well, I’m finally confident enough to put the new tool online for everybody to use. It has version number 0.9 and boy, there is a lot of new stuff in there. Seriously, the old tool was a kid’s toy compared to this.

I totally revamped the language and unfortunately designs made with the old tool need to be completely rewritten to make use of all the new featues and the new language constructs.

If you still want to use the old version, it will stay available for some time on:

So, you have time to upgrade your designs. Also, the wiki has quite some documentation, pretty much all of it is updated for the new tool and language, so be sure to check it out!


New Magic Box Viewer available

Get Adobe Flash player

I spend today creating a viewer for Magic box templates that you can easily embed into your own website, showing off your creations.

You can download a copy of it and play with it. It needs one flash variable, called ‘template’ which you can set to the URL of the template you want to load. Be sure that if you put the template on your own server, you create a crossdomain policy file.

This is the first version of the viewer and there is a big chance that you will find some bugs. It only works with templates made with the new tool (v 0.9 and up).

Download Viewer

Using SVG

Magic Box has been built on the SVG Language. It is a simple language describing vector commands. To get a little feeling for the language here is a list of tutorials and resources helping you understand SVG commands.

The most powerful are the path data. They help you describe any vector shape imaginable. The W3C site has an overview of all the commands plus some examples:

W3C Path data Reference

Apart from these path commands you can include a number of other SVG shapes in your Magic box drawing. These are (at the moment):

  • Rectangles
  • Circles
  • Ellipses
  • Polygons